The 14th Amendment created a new form of citizen.This new form of citizenship was meant for the newly freed African Negro slaves.The 13th amendment freed the African American slaves from being property of the white plantation owner.And the 14th amendment changed the property rights from the white plantation owners to the property of the federal government known as the United States.The Constitution did not have a need to mention citizenship because the people who were under the contract of the Constitution, were already considered state citizens of their respective state.All the 50 Republics of the Union are soverent independent countries.In reality there is no such thing as a United States citizen.

The United States is a Federal government that operates as a artificial entity or a corporation.A corporation by law is a person and have privileges and immunities given by the Federal government know as the United States.All persons are 14th amendment citizens, which means all United States citizens are deemed property of the Federal government know as the United states with privileges and immunities.

State Citizenship-All state citizens are deemed a man or a woman of the land.

No state citizens can be called by any of these Corporate titles: person, resident, transporter,or human

All state citizens are citizens of their respective state  no state citizen should be subjected to any federal laws or federal state franchise law.No state citizens should be withholding to any adhesion contracts unless they choose to be under such contract understanding that under such contract relinquishes their state citizenship.

None of these adhesion contracts should be required for the state citizen: birth certificates, social security applications, tax documents, personal identification applications, drivers licence, marriage licence, gun licence, vendom licence,  voting license, voter registration, mortgage applications, vehicle titles, etc. 

State Citizenship word director- The  delegated powers controls us by the power of words.The words we use on a everyday basis if used in a court or by a delegated power via bill or law have legal meanings.These legal meanings are used to put you in a verbal contract with the Federal government known as the United States.

                                     Being Born-

Birth legal definition is berth-when a ship is at the dock. Legally  all ships are a female the ship is coming

from the water just like the newborn comes from is mothers water(birth canal)   

Doc-the doc authorities  is responsible for the ships delivery, just like the doctor is responsible for the delivery of the mother.

Delivery-the ship is carrying a delivery, just like the mother is having birth in a delivery room.

Certificate-the captain of the ship is given a certificate of manifest on this certificate the captain must describe everything on the ship name, weight, color etc, just like the mother is given a certificate of birth (birth certificate)which describes everything about the newborn name, weight, color etc. Both is given a identification number and both are printed on security paper.After the certificate of manifest is signed the products on the ships belong to that respective Country just like after the birth certificate is signed the newborn then belongs to the Federal government known as the united states as property.

Ward-upon signing the birth certificate the parents give up ownership of the child by making him or her a ward of the state.Hints the reason why they place the child in a maternity ward.

We are born into a maritime jurisdiction govern by The Uniform Commercial Code. (U.C.C)  State citizens will not be subjected to this form of jurisdiction,but are the lives man or female God intended them to be on the land.


state citizens are not drivers they are travelers.Unless they are contracted to these occupations: truck driver, taxi driver, bus driver, uber driver lyft driver,or limo driver. 

Driver-any person operating the public highways for pay.

Vehicle-any automobile operating commerce.

Transportation-any automobile  operating in commerce.

Operating-any involvement in commerce.


All courts under stachatory in maritime admiralty jurisdiction such as traffic court and a contract court uses words to put you the state citizen under their jurisdiction 

Plea-when you put in a plea you give the judge jurisdiction over you never enter a plea without full understanding of the charges against you.

Injured party-under any circumstances can the state of Michigan be the injured party,unless the case is moved to federal court the state of Michigan cannot be the judge the prosecution and the injured party without their being a conflict of interest.The injured party must be present or represented by legal council. 

Understanding-the act of standing under the unlawful jurisdiction.

Criminal Jurisdiction-under this jurisdiction the injured party must be present or represented by legal council.

The Bar- in a courtroom the lever on the gate that separates the bar members from the audience is known as the bar.When the citizen crosses such bar he can legally represent him/herself.

The Gate-the gate that separates the bar members from the audience is known as a vessel of a ship once the citizen crosses it he or she is legally on water.Which the U.C.C is now in effect.Stachatory and maritime courts are not under the Constitution but are under the U.C.C.

The Uniform Commercial Code-this law trumps all civil law it is the law that governs  the entire planet it is also known as commercial law, the law of the high Seas, the law of money or  contract law.this law was not made for human beings, but was made to govern vessels on the water and corporations under the 14th amendment it introduced itself to govern over human beings.