The federal Reserve Act was passed in 1913. In this system the federal and the state government have an unlimited credit source. For example if the State of Michigan wants 1,000 dollars this is how it works. The State of Michigan creates a bond for 1,000 dollars. A bond is nothing but a glorified IOU. The new bond  is then given to the federal reserve bank. The federal reserve then writes a check for 1,000 dollars that should bounce because the Fed have no money, gold or reserves. but, the Fed control this rigged system. Then the mint print the reserve notes in the amount of 1,000 dollars. The Fed just created currency out of thin air and out of debt. The Federal Reserve then gives the State of Michigan  1,000 dollars worth  of Federal Reserve notes. The bond the State of Michigan created is a promissory note to pay the Federal Reserve back the principal and interests on the bond. Finally 1,000 dollars is then add to the Michigan state currency supply.


95 percent of the currency in circulation is not printed at the US Mint but created out of thin air in the Baking System. Money is created out of debt and issued out to the public as credit.

The Process

When the Bank openS they have no Money in Reserve so a bank need bank depositors. A bank deposit is not what you think it is, when you deposit money in a bank you are loaning the bank your money. They can do whatever they want with it legally. The bank reserve consist of  3 things, the amount of government issued cash the bank have and it vault..the amount of credit it has from the Central Bank and the already existing debt that the bank already have in deposit. Bank deposits = Loans

Bank Loans= a promissory note to pay the amount of loan

My Economy Plan

Michigan total debt sits in the billions. This debt is not the debt of we the people, but the debt of the incorporated government. Here's how the economy will work if i am elected. The United States contractual  agreement to pay off debt that is owed to the Federal Reserve  will no longer be on the backs of  any Michigan state citizen. Only States citizens will be able to use my new economy plan. 

States Citizen- have all rights protected

under the constitution reinstated and deem as a sovereign citizen of their respected state and not of the United States.  State citizen  will be exempt from  forced taxation except by consent of taxation contract agreement via of proof of taxation record, but will not be eligible for a income tax. All of their currency will no longer be back or created out of debt, but will be created through out  a new and approve monetary economy value system.Only if  they contract him or herself to the United States government where the debt money will be required. All businesses would not require any adhesion contracts such as the vendor, business or any other license that  is required for a United States business. There business will only be tax by a full disclosure contractual agreement  that the state of Michigan and the business owner has fully agreed to . If the contract is not given full disclosure and not agreed upon by  both parties the tax contract will be non invoid.

The state citizen is not required to have a social security number or a work permit or any adhesion contract to be able to work in the State of Michigan. A United States citizen can't deny a state citizen from the place of business due to the fact that he or she is a state citizen. The state citizen right to be healthy will be restored, which enable he or she to sue any corporation that is  funding any program that is purposely making he or she sick, and if by a jury of peers that such corporation is found guilty that corporation will cease to exist.

Any state citizen who chooses to do business with a bank the bank must follow the new and approve monetary value economy system.

United States Citizen- any United States citizen must obey the contractual agreement of the United states Citizen