My Education Plan  

Our education system is nothing but a organized indoctrination institution.It was the same program that Hitler used to gain power in Nazi Germany.’’It takes 12 years to kill the free minded individual and about 4 years to get that same individual to think that not having a mind to think is their will’’ 

State Citizen- No state citizen under any circumstances should be forced to pay for another's education, unless that state citizen gives his or her consent to the information being taught.   

All state citizens have the right to teach and educate their child the way they see fit. Without any molestation from the Federal or state government

All state citizens can choose to go to any state or local elementary, middle,and high school and or any local or state college. But under any circumstances a contract of adhesion cannot be required of them. 

The department of education have no authority of any kind over the state citizen or their child.
Any state funds used by the state citizen will cause their state citizenship to cease to exist.Unless the contract made with the state agrees to not waive any God given rights as a state citizen.

United States citizen-All United States citizens will remain under the federal government board of education.