My Tax Plan

Taxation as it currently works is nothing but a organized theft system… here is my tax plan

State Citizen- all state citizens have the right to the fruits of their labor currently taxes are taken for roads,schools,and infrastructure. But there is no proof that are tax dollars is going to any of these vital aspects of our society. If a state citizen chooses to pay taxes the contract cannot under any circumstances be an adhesion contract and full disclosure must be given and no God given right shall be infringed. 

All taxes taken out must have proof of record, which means a printed receipt proving that your tax dollars went to such area. If under any circumstances a printed receipt is not given to the state citizen upon request the state citizen have the right to presume that the state have operated in theft or fraud.

All taxes of any kind can only be taken from a state citizen with full 100% consent. 

United States citizen- All taxes for the United States Federal citizen will remain the same.