Courts-  State citizen can  only be under two court  jurisdiction common law and equity jurisdiction.

Criminal- actions for a state citizen are and not limited to murder,rape,kidnapping,theft and fraud. In a criminal court the injured party must be represented if by any circumstance that the injured party is not represented the court rather state or federal have no case

Equity- any state citizen can be sued and have to right to sue if a state citizen appears in a court of equity he or she must be treated as a sovereign  male or female of the land. Any unknown jurisdiction cannot be used against her or him without a consented full disclosure contract between him or her in the courts

Traffic court-no state citizen is required to attend any traffic courts of the land unless he or she is contracted with such court.

United States Citizenship   all U.S citizens who are contracted with the united states government and the jurisdiction their of there will be no changes to current court system of the state of Michigan.