The unconstitutional bar

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''There are only 3 ways to get money, you can inherit it. Work for it. Or steal it. Which way you think your government gets it."

''Politics is a game, you have your red team and your blue team. Both win all three branches of government, but like any game someone have to loose"

''America is an idea and that idea is all mankind are equal and have God giving rights . if you believe this you my friend are a American"

Terrorism is a government that is governed by fear. You tell me what you fear more? Muslims or   the IRS, ISIS or a. polices shooting you over a traffic stop, North Korea or a nation who. Have. Almost half its population behind bars. 

''It takes 12 years to kill ones free well to think for themselves. And it takes about 4 to get that  same individual to think not thinking for themselves is there well."

If everything in your wallet is a "bill" then how much money do you have? Think about no it. (No riddle)

Healthcare is a business. A sick public = revenue a healthy public = . the revenue stops. Which do you think sounds better to s government that promotes healthcare ?

When new currency is added to the money supply its backed by nothing. Until you go and give that new currency your sweat, blood, time and talent then that currency is redistribute to the rich as credit. Then new currency is printed again and the process repeat.    

''Police officer" - they enforce" policy"- made by a "Politician" - who play the game of "Politics"
If you tell me, i dont know
If you teach me. I may remember
If you involve me.i will learn.

''An institution of man cannot be ruled by nan unless with the consent of the man"